2020 GVM

Uprating the GVM from 1750kg to 1950kg requires a towing vehicle with Tare of at least 1950kg
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The 2020 Mobi Lodge now comes with a full sliding window above the kitchen as standard.




















































































2020 Mobi Lodges also comes with the option of a crank awning above the room.

The crank awnings take about 1 minute to pitch each and is ideal for touring.


2020 Mobi Lodge also has the new Swing Tent available for when you stand for longer periods.

It comes with side panels to from a complete tent, as well as a room devider in the front.


The manual canvas awning can be pitched in about 15 minutes and is stored in a canvas bag,

fixed to the roof line of the Mobi Lodge, with the aid of steps.

There are three tent sides with a draft skirt available to form an enclosed tent.

This option is good for cmpers who stay for extended periods in one place. 


The optional room awning covers the top of the room against seeds, twigs and bird shit.



 Side panels can be used with or without the crank awning.


 The neat draft sheet covers the wheel and is part of the side panel kit.




















































































Below is the 2020 Mobi Lodge base model with the suggested Ultimate spec. You can change the specs to suite your mission and requirements - then click on "Add to my quotation" for an overview of your Mobi Lodge. You can order direct from your quotation page. For a delivery date or any other assistance call Leon at 0828 999 999.