The new 2021 Mobi Lodge adventure caravan is available in ready-to-tow, fully functional specification. 

2021 specification can include the following: 

    Body length 4.7m
    Total length 5.6m
    Width 2.1m
    Height 2.5m
    Headroom inside up to 1950mm

    Tare 1370kg to 1480kg depending on spec (including standard equipment & empty water tank)

    GVM 1750kg (can be towed by vehicles with Tare of 1750kg or more)     

Nose weight from as light as 65kg 

    Fibre glass, steel braced, mono hull construction
    Galvinised steel ladder frame chassis
    4mm Thick main frame
    4 Body stabilizers
    2 Side room stabilizers

     2.5ton Buirquip brake axle
     Long leaf springs
     2,7ton German brake system
     Heavy duty nose wheel

Running gear
    3x 16” Mag wheels
    3x  265/70/16 All terrain tires

Slide room
    Permanent island bed (in both travel and camp modes)

    Deluxe double mattress 

    3x Armoured glass sliding windows

    3x Fly & privacy nets over glass windows

Bathroom (inside)
    Fixed shower with high presure pump

    Direct flow gas geyser with hot water in seconds

    150L Main water tank above axle

    Porta Potti chemical toilet 

    Basin with Cobra taps

    Bathroom window

    Bathroom mirror 400x500mm

    2x Towel hangers & holder

Diner area (inside)
    1x Dining table with 2x stools with back rests

    18L Microwave 

    Mini bar & 4 wine glasses with holders for 3 wine bottles

    Access to freezer in/outside 

Kitchen (interior & exterior)

    1x Fibre glass fold up roof with gas struts

    1x Fold down work space

    1x 2 burner gas stove 

    1x Interior cabinet for eye level fridge option

    1x Kettle

    2x Pots
    1x Pan

    4x Plates
    4x Bowls
    4x Mugs

    4x Glasses

    1x Utensil set 

    1x Cutlery set

    4x 1L Food containers

    1x 10L Drinking water tank

    1x Wash basin & dry rack


    2100L closet, wardrobe & groceries space
     2x 20L plastic containers to fit above or inside closets
    Compartment for geyser, tools & gas
    Compartment for deep cycle battery & charger
    Compartment for rally tent poles
    Compartment for 10L fresh water bottle 

    Fixed digital safe

    Fire extinguisher

Electric & gas

    4x 220V plugs

    Battery monitor & alarm

    1x 220/12V DB board

    15m Extension lead

    Intelligent charger

    105 A/h battery 

    4x LED indoor lights 

    4x LED outdoor lights

    LED park, brake/indicators

    Pressure fan

    5 kg Gas cylinder

    Dometic water pump

Expedition gear
    2x Jerry cans & brackets

    1x Spade & bracket

    1x 20m hose pipe

    1x Rally tent with 3 poles

Tool kit
    1x Rubber hammer

    1x Shifting spanner  

    1x Plier
    1x Side cutter

    2x Screw drivers

    1x Wheel spanner

Mobi Lodge has a selected range of upgrades and accessories that is available on any model.

Please take note that upgrades and combinations of accessories are subject to a compatibility check.

Specification are subject to change without notice. In certain cases equivilent brands or models might be used.