Mobi Lodge Continental

The new 2021 Mobi Lodge Continental flagship model for the discerning international adventurer (read more):

The Continental spec features the following features & options:
1. 133L eye level 12V fridge/freezer with easy access from inside and outside
2. Interior dining table with panoramic window above the kitchen
3. Microwave below the kitchen window, facing outwards
4. Backlit kitchen lighting and new stove with glass top back splash
5. Luxury fold-out wash up with double stainless steel basins & glass tops
6. Enhanced slide room design with proper island bed
7. Spacious bathroom with height adjustable shower head
8. 12000BTU aircon and 12V roof vent option with 2-way fan in bedroom
9. Dual crank awnings above kitchen & sliding room for shade within minutes
10. Optional double swing awning with tent sides and room divider for extended stays
11. Quattro caravan movers controlled by wireless remote with built-in joystick

The new second generation Continental spec has been launched 1-April-2020 with a different floor plan than the previous first generation models. Estimated delivery dates are subject to availability of components, including the 133L fridges, and might be earlier or a bit later as international logistical factors would allow.

To reserve your Continental and secure an estimated delivery date, call Marius at 083 230 6131 or the office at 013-246 1327 or email

Below you will find the suggested Continental spec. You can edit it to suite your mission and then click on "Add to my quotation" and then on "Order my Mobi Lodge". You are welcome to call or Whatsapp Marius at 083 230 6131 or email to reserve a Continental unit and delivery date:

















































































The new dining table is as wide as the panoramic window if the microwave faces outwards.

It is fixed can sit more than two persons.


The award winning 133L 12V fridge freezer is positioned for easy access from both inside and outside.

It is also directly accessable while on the road.


The new grocery cabinet above the wine rack compliments the two other cabinets in the rear.

You can also choose to replace the wine rack with a fourth grocery cabinet with door.


The upgraded slide room features a proper island bed (walk around)

and on the Continental you now have the option of an hotel grade Queen mattress.


 Lovely bathroom with ceramic bowl toilet

and probably the most spacious shower on the market





















































































The upgraded outside kitchen has a new stove with glass top back splash

The two-way door lock and backlit lighting in the kitchen cabinet are also now standard


The 133L fridge is easily reachable from inside and outside and is totaly out of the sun

and out of reach of animals and naughty campers while you have your afternoon nap...


The luxury slide-out-and-fold-down wash up option is now available on the Continental.

The stainless steel basins have glass tops that can be used as work space when not in use,

while the drip tray can be used over the one basin or mounted on the side.


The 12000BTU split aircon is effective, almost dead silent and neat

with the rear compressor counter sunk design into the body.


Camping chair storage compartment in the rear


Travel mode makes for a safe and convenient towing experience

and top in class aerodynamics for better road holding and fuel consumption





 Proper full bakkie size All Terrain wheels make for optimal ride height and the spare is close at hand in case of a flatty.

The PCD of the standard mag will fit Ranger, Pajero for spare charing en route. 

Upgrades to BF Goodridge is available to match your towing vehicle.















































The award winning 133L 12V eye level fridge fits perfectly in the Continental! 


Removable freezer compartment can make way for another fridge rack


The humidity in the crisper compartment is adjustable


Power economical LED light


Adjustable shelves for different applications


The eye level groceries cabinet compliments the 133L fridge perfectly

Since the launch of Mobi Lodge in 2015 more than 5 million kilometres have been travelled by Mobi Lodgers over the world

with invaluable feedback and input. The Continental features the latest suspension upgrades as standard.

Here are but a few photos down memory lane of Mobi Lodges in their element:













Bon voyage!












































































The 2021 Mobi Lodge Continental now also come with the option of a crank awning above the slide room for welcome shading in summer.

Storm straps are included and the kitchen awning comes with a rafter bar. It only take minutes to pitch - ideal for touring.

In rainy conditions one of the legs can be lowered a bit to manage water flow to the side.

In case of heavier rain it is suggested that the legs are folded down to stand on the ground.


2020 Mobi Lodge also has the new Swing Tent available for when you stand for longer periods.

It is close to 7m long and comes with side panels to form a complete tent, as well as a room divider for your guests.


The standard manual canvas awning can be pitched in about 15 minutes and is stored in a canvas bag, fixed to the roof line

of the Mobi Lodge, with the aid of steps. There are three tent sides with a draft skirt available to form an enclosed tent.

This option is good for campers who stay for extended periods in one place. 


As an alternative to the crank awning over the room, this optional manual canvas awning

covers the top of the room against seeds, twigs and bird droppings. 


 Side panels can be used with or without the crank awning over the kitchen as it has its own side poles.


 The neat draft sheet covers the wheel and is part of the side panel kit what works with the crank awnings.




















































































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Picture of Continental Base Model
Continental Base Model
The standard Mobi Lodge spec includes all standard kit (no cost items) and excludes upgrades and optional extras, which can be added according to each customer's needs.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Bedroom
2020 Bedroom
The slide-out room can easily be operated by hand, similar to handling a shopping trolley. The Queen mattress option are only available with the Continental floor plan with luxury eye-level fridge.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Bathroom
2020 Bathroom
The luxury 12V toilet with ceramic bowl receives water from the main tank and has a 14L chemical cassette that is serviced from the outside.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Outside kitchen
2020 Outside kitchen
The interior kitchen cabinet is extended towards the rear and the microwave is installed below the kitchen window where the box fridge was. The luxury wash up option slides out-and-down and can be used as work surface when not in use.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Inside kitchen
2020 Inside kitchen
The new 133L eye level fridge/freezer of the Continental is installed opposite the entrance for easy access from inside and outside. It is important to note that this new German made 133L fridge has been developed specifically for 12V mobile applications and that it has been tested extensively in the rough and tough of the Australian Outback as part of the development process.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Comfort
2020 Comfort
The 220V aircon works when shore power (220V mains) is available. The 12V roof vent option is ideal when you are in the middle of the desert without mains - it can extract hot air or be used as a fan with different direction and speed settings.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Canvas awning
2020 Canvas awning
Classic manual canvas tent with three poles that is stored in a canvas bag with zip that is fixed to the roofline. Three optional tent sides can be added to form a tent. It covers 4m wide x 2.5 deep and can be pitched in about 15 minutes.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Crank awnings
2020 Crank awnings
Imported crank awnings take about 1 minute to pitch (without the need of steps) and covers 3.5m wide x 2.5m deep. The two integrated legs can be fitted to the side of the caravan or downwards, secured to the ground. The awnings come with wind straps. Two wind panels with draft skirt can be used with or without the crank awning. A front panel can also be used to form an enclosed tent under the kitchen awning.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Swing awning
2020 Swing awning
Alternative to the standard canvas rally awning or luxury crank awnings. It covers 180degrees towards the rear and can be pitched within 15 minutes with the use of steps. The tent sides can be fitted individually as needed and a room divider is also included for your guests.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Camping kit
2020 Camping kit
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Off-road kit
2020 Off-road kit
The two fuel tanks are standard. Water tanks are also available for missions when water is more important that fuel.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Movers
2020 Movers
The new Quattro caravan mover is controlled with a remote control with built-in joy stick for intuitive operation. This newest generation is stronger, faster and almost silent in operation. It is suggested that the mover protection plates are selected for extended trips on gravel roads.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Shore connection
2020 Shore connection
Shore power connection (220V mains) is required for the aircon, microwave and 220V outlets. When your Mobi Lodge is in storage, best practice is to keep it connected to mains which will enable the advanced charger to maintain the batteries and thus prolong battery life.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Alternator charging
2020 Alternator charging
When the Mobi Lodge is used between off-grid camps on a regular basis, a DC-DC charger is suggested for towing vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines (most new generation vehicles after 2014) to optimize alternator charging. The towing vehicle needs an alternator feed to a Anderson connector, positioned next to the tow bar, fitted by a brand accredited fitment centre.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Solar charging
2020 Solar charging
For solar panels on the roof and portable solar panels on the ground, separate mppt controllers are required. The total Amps potential of the solar panels may not be more than the Amps rating of the mppt controller.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Batteries
2020 Batteries
An additional 105A deep cycle battery is advised when camping off-grid on a regular basis.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Wheels
2020 Wheels
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 GVM
2020 GVM
Uprating the GVM from 1750kg to 1950kg requires a towing vehicle with Tare of at least 1950kg
R 0,00