2020 Mobi Lodge Liberty

The new 2020 Mobi Lodge with suggested Liberty spec for wheel chair users, including (read more...) standard accessories, plus upgrades and extras selected by customer:

With more than 500 units sold within the first four years already, and with Mobi Lodgers having traveled millions of kilometers to destinations around the world, all feedback and input from customers and enthusiasts alike have been carefully considered as part of the development process of the second generation Mobi Lodge.

A lot of attention has been given to the new kitchen with the huge glass window above the work space, new glass top stove and two glass-top basins outside. You can also opt for a crank awning above the sliding room for the shade when you need it.

The 2020 Liberty has specifically been developed for wheel chair-use. There is a remote controlled lift with a wider entrance door as well as an adapted interior and bathroom lay-out to suite each customer. Enjoy!

New 2020 spec & pricing effective from 1 Feb 2020.

Below is the2020 Mobi Lodge with Liberty Spec, which is the model that was specifically developed for wheelchair users. You can change the specs on the extras to suite your mission and camp style - then, click on "Add to my quotation" for a summary of your spec. With every Liberty customer we have dedicated meetings to determine each customer's needs. For more information call Leon at 0828 999 999.






















































































The 2020 Mobi Lodge now comes with a full sliding window above the kitchen as standard.




















































































2020 Mobi Lodges also comes with the option of a crank awning above the room.

The crank awnings take about 1 minute to pitch each and is ideal for touring.


2020 Mobi Lodge also has the new Swing Tent available for when you stand for longer periods.

It comes with side panels to from a complete tent, as well as a room devider in the front.


The manual canvas awning can be pitched in about 15 minutes and is stored in a canvas bag,

fixed to the roof line of the Mobi Lodge, with the aid of steps.

There are three tent sides with a draft skirt available to form an enclosed tent.

This option is good for cmpers who stay for extended periods in one place. 


The optional room awning covers the top of the room against seeds, twigs and bird shit.



 Side panels can be used with or without the crank awning.


 The neat draft sheet covers the wheel and is part of the side panel kit.




















































































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Picture of 2020 Mobi Lodge Liberty base
2020 Mobi Lodge Liberty base
The standard Mobi Lodge Liberty spec includes special lift for wheel chair users as well as adjusted interior. It also includes all standard kit (no cost items) and excludes upgrades and optional extras, which can be added according to each customer's needs.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Bedroom
2020 Bedroom
The slide-out room can easily be operated by hand, similar to handling a shopping trolley.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Bathroom
2020 Bathroom
The luxury 12V toilet with ceramic bowl receives water from the main tank and has a 14L cassette. For wheelchair users the placement of the toilet can be optimized per customer.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Outside kitchen
2020 Outside kitchen
If the slide fridge is selected rather than the 150L inside fridge, the microwave and groceries storage compartment will be installed across the entrance door.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Comfort
2020 Comfort
The 220V aircon works when shore power (220V mains) is available.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Manual canvas tent
2020 Manual canvas tent
Classic manual canvas tent with three poles that is stored in a canvas bag with zip that is fixed to the roofline. Three optional tent sides can be added to form a tent. It covers 4m wide x 2.5 deep and can be pitched in about 15 minutes.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Crank awnings
2020 Crank awnings
Imported crank awnings takes about 30 seconds to pitch without the need of steps and covers 3.5m wide x 2.5m deep. The two integrated legs can be fitted to the side of the caravan or downwards, secured to the ground. Two wind panels with draft skirt can be used with or without the crank awning.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Swing awning
2020 Swing awning
Alternative to the standard canvas ralley awning or luxury crank awnings. It covers about 180degrees towards the rear and can be pitched within 5 minutes with the use of steps.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Camping kit
2020 Camping kit
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Off-road kit
2020 Off-road kit
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Movers
2020 Movers
The caravan movers options works with 12V and remote control.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Mains connection
2020 Mains connection
Shore power connection (220V mains) is required for the aircon, microwave and 220V outlets.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Alternator charging
2020 Alternator charging
When the Mobi Lodge is used between off-grid camps on a regular basis, a DC-DC charger is suggested for Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines (most new generation vehicles after 2014) to optimize alternator charging.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Solar charging
2020 Solar charging
For solar panels on the roof and portable solar panels on the ground, separate mppt controllers are required. The total Amps potential of the solar panels may not be more than the Amps rating of the mppt controller.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Batteries
2020 Batteries
An additional 105A deep cycle battery is advised when camping off-grid on a regular basis.
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 Wheels
2020 Wheels
R 0,00
Picture of 2020 GVM
2020 GVM
Uprating the GVM from 1750kg to 1950kg requires a towing vehicle with Tare of at least 1950kg. The Liberty is also available with the 2250kg GVM for a high spec model.
R 0,00